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Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse - 3 of 4

Since January of this year, I have been hosting Full Moon viewing and photography events. They have all been very fun and allowed me the chance to meet some awesome people and share with them some astronomy knowledge, photography knowledge and the chance to take some up close images of the full moon through my Stellarvue SV105 Telescope. April 3/4th's full Moon was a special one in that it was a Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon Event where the planet Earth would pass directly in between the Sun and Moon casting the Earth's shadow on the moon and making it appear a deep orange or reddish color. Again I promoted a free event for anyone who wanted to come out and enjoy the event with me and capture some great photos, hopefully learn something new and just hang out. I am happy to say that this was an absolute success! I had quite an awesome group of people show up including some repeat visitors or Astro-Nuts as I call them. Some stayed from the beginning of the eclipse all the way through to the end. A few showed up right before it went red. But everyone had a blast!! I would like to thank you all for supporting me and my group, for supporting science and Astronomy, and for making the effort to come out! I look forward to see you all again at a future event! Clear Skies to you all!

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