Full Moon over San Diego

Full Moon Photography & Viewing


This is a Family Friendly Event! All Ages Welcome!

Best Viewed on a Computer

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 - 8:30pm

8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Mission Trails Visitor Center - 3.5

1 Father Junipero Serra Trail, San Diego, CA 92119

Dark Sky Location Scale

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Have you ever tried taking pictures of the moon but ended up with a washed out white ball instead? Well this is your chance to really get up close and take the Moon shot you've always wanted.

$10 Gets you Full Access!!


- $10 Cost is only for photo access to the scope

- Friends and family not actively taking photos are free!!

- DSLR and Smart Phone Telescope Photos!

- Basic talk on night photography

- Use of a 4" Stellarvue Rafractor Telescope

- Group Photo

- Make some new friends!!

                      - Lisa M. - 2015


This event and presentation was fantastic! Maxwell is not only educated, but he is kind patient and giving. I learned so much in a couple of hours! I am looking forward to being more involved. Thank you for sharing your talents and passion!

Donations Are Appreciated

Donations help keep this awesome event alive every month and go towards equipment upkeep as well as towards college books and other college related tools. Make your donation here or in cash at the event.


Thank you for your support!

                      - Allysa R. - 2015
Fantastic presentation and so personable! There is nothing more attractive than listening to someone share their passion. This guy will show you how to take those NASA photos plus give you knowledge in layman's vocabulary. What a fun personality and a great time. Catch an event and immediately become fascinated to light years and beyond!

Full Moon Over San Diego


For truly breathtaking views of the full Moon in all its glory right here in San Diego, look no farther than this Full Moon Photography/Viewing Event hosted by Amature Astronomer / Astrophotographer Maxwell F.X. Palau. This location in Sorrento Valley is the perfect spot to shoot the Moon as well as other wonders of our night sky!


Have you ever tried taking pictures of the moon but ended up with a washed out white ball instead? Well this is your chance to really get up close and take the Moon shot you've always wanted.










Take a look at the Moon like never before through a 4" Stellarvue SV105T Apochromatic Telescope. See awesome details like craters and mountain ridges on the Moon through some low and high power eyepieces.


Sony, Canon, Nikon & Pentax DSLR users are in luck! Available to you are special adapters allowing you to mount your DSLR directly to the scope giving you the opportunity to take images of the moon with the quality and clarity like what you would see in astronomy magazines!


Don't have a camera? No problem. Come hang out for a couple hours with an awesome group of people all interested in learning some cool facts about the Moon, space, science, astronomy and making some new friends.


There is no limit to how many friends you can bring. Come one, come all!! This is a family friendly event.

Thank you and Clear Skies!


Contact Information:


Maxwell Palau


Cell & Text: (619) 770-5255

Email: mxpalau@stardude.org



Important Notes:




Nights in San Diego can be cold, especially since we won't be moving around much. Do not underestimate this, dress warmly!


Parking can be difficult at times. If parking is not open in the designated parking lots, park along any of the streets and walk over.


Recommended Items to Take:


Sony, Canon, Nikon or Pentax DSLR

Smart Phone with Camera

Any Camera You Have

Warm Clothes For The Night


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