One of the darkest sites in the North American Continent!

Night Sky Photography/Astrophotography 2 Night Adventure & Workshop

Best Viewed on a Computer

Mike's Sky Ranch - 2 Night Photo Workshop:


Are you ready to see the night skies like you have never seen them before!!?


Imagine being thrown back in time when there was absolutely no light pollution or smog of any kind. This is that place! 


Join us for 2 nights at Mike's Sky Ranch to have an experience of a lifetime!! This is one of the darkest night sky locations in the North American continent!










This is a night-sky/landscape/nature photographers dream come true. Amazing natural vistas, a nearby creak and waterfall and a night sky filled with innumerable stars! 


Time to take your DSLR off the automatic setting! Together we will be going over the exposure triangle and how to use these setting to best capture the night sky.










Be part of this awesome event as we take a look at night sky objects like the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, Lagoon Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, the planet Saturn and more!


Members will try out their hand in Astrophotography by directly attaching their DSLR camera to a 4" Stellarvue Refracting Telescope. Together we will capture amazing images of Deep Sky Objects (DSO's) in the night sky!










Mikes Sky Ranch, is an oasis in the middle of the San Pedro Martir Mountain Range in Baja California. A clean and well manicured hotel complete with lodging, pool (the kind with a real deep end!), lounge area, full bar & a restaurant.










The ranch is a hot spot for American activity as is it located very near the path of the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 races. Chances are you will see a few racers hanging out by the pool!










If you have been to Joshua Tree, Mt. Palomar, or Death Valley, you will be amazed to see that the skies at Mike's Sky Ranch are up to 10x clearer than some of those locations! Not to mention some amazing scenery on the way there!!






Warm clothes for the night

Clothed for hiking and day use

Inflatable Mattress.

Swim Wear


Hydration Pack

Hiking Boots
DSLR camera & batteries!

Battery chargers & cables 
Notepad & pen/voice recorder  
Flashlights or Headlamps

Hiking Poles

Contact Information:


Maxwell Palau


Cell & Text: (619) 770-5255

Email: mxpalau@stardude.org



Package Details:


StarGazer - Camping: $499


Bring along all your camping gear and camp out under the natural star light of the amazing night sky! Includes an amazing campsite location for 2 nights and access to hot & cold running water, showers and restrooms.

















Astronomer - Lodging: $649


All you need is your photography gear, some clothes and an attitude of wonder and adventure! Includes a room with beds, heating system, bathroom, shower, electricity, delicious breakfast & dinner and access to the pool for 2 nights.

















Required Items to Take:

Proof of U.S. Residency

















Recommened Items to Take:





Food & Water 


Warm clothes for the night

Clothes for hiking and day use
Hydration pack 
Hiking boots  
Sleeping bag 
Sleeping pad 
DSLR camera & batteries

Battery chargers & cables 
Notepad & pen/voice recorder 
Hiking poles


Lighter fluid

Flashlights or Headlamps

Logs for burning

Cooking supplies

Plates & Untinsels


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