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Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 @ 10:30 AM

10:30 AM - 1:30 AM

Encinitas Karate

1516 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA 92024

Ticket Cost: $199

Learn to Post Process / Edit Your Night Sky Photos

Each post processing session will be held in a class room style setting where each student has an area to set up their computer and work on their photos.

I will be displaying my screen on a large projector / computer screen which will allow us to work through my entire post processing workflow from start to finish. Students will be able to follow along on their own computers and ask questions any time they like.

Each editing session we will go through new skill sets. Students will be provided with a RAW milky way photo or maybe bring their own photo taken from a previous night sky tour.

Here are some of the skill sets taught during our post processing / editing sessions:

● Complete explanation / theory of luminosity masking techniques and how they apply to night sky and landscape photography. I’ve designed my own post processing workflow using these techniques and will be teaching it to each student.

● RAW image processing using Adobe Lightroom and / or Adobe Camera RAW. I personally use Photoshop but am well versed in teaching both programs.

● In-depth explanation of Photoshop layer masking and how to apply it to your photos.

● Color correction for night sky photography.

● Color theory and color selection. How to selectively choose colors for your night sky photos that portray mood and feeling.

● Advanced noise reduction techniques for night sky photography

● Applying selective noise reduction using luminosity masks.

● Contrasting the Milky Way and making it pop!

● Using Photoshop curves and levels for night photography.

● Using Groups in Photoshop.

● Making detailed selections in Photoshop.

● Artistic cropping, warping, and free transform use in Photoshop.

● Final photo presentation technqiues

● Web and Print Sharpening techniques.

● Plus much much more!

See Examples of Milky Way Photography

Comments / Questions

Phone & Text:

(619) 770-5255



StarDude Astronomy

Recommened Items to Take:

● Laptop
   ○ Adobe Photoshop
   ○ Adobe Lightroom

   ○ Microsoft ICE

● Laptop Mouse
● Power Adapter
● Snack

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